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3 Super Common Decor Detail Mistakes

1. Don't Over Match

We've all been there. Walking through the furniture store, and finding that display that truly calls

out to you, and you know you've found it. You look over your shoulder and think, 'did the lighting in the room just change, or...'

But once you bring it home, does the space feel like you, or a furniture advertisement?

Consider purchasing only parts of the display or set and mixing or blending with other pieces that compliment it. Already have it and looking for a new look? Decide which items you can go without, take pictures and post them online for sale. Now you've got money for something new, and nothing's been wasted!

Start out with smaller items, such as art, coffee tables, or table decor. But BEWARE: if mixing cheaper pieces with higher end, be sure the items that catch your eye first -- such as accent pillows or an area rug -- are of good quality. Small details matter the most!


2. Window Treatments

Let's just start with curtains and be tricky. From colors to patterns (and if there should be

patterns at all), to textures and how to hang them. The most common mistake is hanging

curtains directly above the window. Stop! This makes the room appear much more smaller. The easiest rule of thumb is to install the curtains 50 percent from both the window and the

ceiling. This creates the illusion that the space is bigger, and the windows taller.


3. One Size Doesn't Fit All A rug that is too small will do more harm than good. An improperly sized rug can completely throw off the balance of a room. It should frame the furniture, and the pieces should sit comfortably on it, with a few inches to spare. If the size and style you need doesn't quite fit

within your budget, consider layering two rugs, with a neutral appropriately sized rug and a

slightly smaller, more stylish one on top.

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